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An Atlas of Infant Polysomnography PDF

An Atlas of Infant Polysomnography PDF
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An Atlas of Infant Polysomnography PDF Free Download

Infant polysomnography (IPSG) holds great promise for the study of SIDS and other sleep and breathing disorders, the functional integrity of the developing brain, and early cardiorespiratory functioning. Although guidelines and standards have been developed for polysomnography, there has been no standardized procedural single source or protocol for IPSG as applied to infants over time, starting with preterm and continuing past 6 months post term. Until now.

An Atlas of Infant Polysomnography provides unique coverage of IPSG for this age range with a depth of graphic illustrations you will find in no other resource. The contents cover the fundamentals of polysomnography such as caregiver education, the recording environment, and preparation of the laboratory prior to recording. The book includes:

A discussion of polysomnography in contrast to a more limited sleep study or pneumogram
Directions on how to achieve optimal PSG results in very young infants
Reliable techniques for scoring sleep and events
Waveform examples

Using examples from the Collaborative Home Infant Monitor Evaluation (CHIME) experience, the author presents recommendations for data acquisition, recording considerations, monitoring, sleep state and stage definitions, recognition and smoothing, electroencephalographic arousal, and cardiorespiratory patterns and events. Elucidating procedures and standards for recording and scoring sleep and sleep-related events, An Atlas of Infant Polysomnography is a key resource for sleep researchers and clinicians who work with infants from 35 weeks conceptional age to 6 months post term.

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