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Critical Care Obstetrics 6th Edition PDF

Critical Care Obstetrics 6th Edition PDF
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Critical Care Obstetrics 6th Edition PDF Free Download

Now in its sixth edition, Critical Care Obstetrics offers an authoritative guide to what might go seriously wrong with a pregnancy and delivery and explains how to manage grave complications. Written by an international panel of experts, this updated and revised edition contains the most recent advances in the field as well as recommendations for treating common complications such as bleeding, thrombosis, trauma, acute infection, airway problems and drug reactions in a pregnant patient.

This important guide offers the information needed to enable the early-on recognition of life-threatening conditions and the use of immediate life-saving treatments in emergency situations. The techniques and procedures outlined help to maximise the survival prospects of both the mother and fetus. The authors offer an accessible text for any healthcare professional responsible for the care and management of pregnant women and their unborn children. Critical Care Obstetrics is a vital resource that:

Contains a clear guide for early recognition of conditions which may prove life threatening
Offers new information on Analgesia and sedation; Imaging and interventional radiology in pregnancy; Oxygen therapy; and Pulmonary hypertension
Presents protocols for implementing life-saving treatments in emergency situations
Written by international experts in emergency obstetric medicine
Designed for use by obstetricians and obstetrician and gynecology trainees, Critical Care Obstetrics is the updated guide to the management of serious conditions in pregnancy and delivery.

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