Imagining Imaging 1st Edition PDF

Imagining Imaging 1st Edition PDF
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From Roentgen to Rembrandt, Hounsfield to Hollywood and Vesalius to videogames, Imagining Imaging explores the deeply entwined relationship between art (and visual-based culture) and radiology / medical imaging. Including artworks from numerous historical eras representing varied geographic locations and visual traditions, alongside a diverse range of contemporary artists, Dr Jackson argues that the foundations of medical image construction and interpretation were laid down in artistic innovations dating back hundreds and thousands of years. Since the discovery of X-rays, artists and moviemakers have, in turn, drawn rich inspiration from radiographic imagery and concepts, but the process of cross-pollination between art and science has continued, with creative endeavour continuing to mould medical imaging examinations to this day.

Blending a unique mix of art, science and medical history, together with aspects of visual neurophysiology and psychology, Imagining Imaging is essential reading for radiologists, radiographers and artists alike. Peppered with familiar TV and film references, personal insights into the business of image interpretation, and delivered in an accessible and humorous style, the book will also appeal to anyone who enjoys looking at pictures.

Key features:

Engaging synthesis of art and medical history, combined with anecdotes and experiences from a working clinical radiologist

Diverse range of visual reference points including astronomy, botany and cartography, alongside comprehensive discussion of medical imaging modalities including plain radiography, ultrasound, CT and MRI

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