Integrated Principles of Zoology 17th Edition PDF

Integrated Principles of Zoology 17th Edition PDF
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Integrated Principles of Zoology 17th Edition PDF Free Download

Integrated Principles of Zoology continues to be the leading textfor the introductory zoology course. With the seventeenth edition,the authors bring a wealth of real experience as they describethe diversity of animal life and the fascinating adaptations thatenable animals to inhabit so many ecological niches.The overall organization of this text has proven to work well tohelp students understand the content. Distinctive features, especiallythe emphasis on principles of evolution and zoological science,have been strengthened. To aid in student learning, severalpedagogical features have been retained: opening chapter prologuesdrawn from the chapter’s theme; chapter summaries and reviewquestions to aid in comprehension and study; concise and visuallyappealing illustrations; chapter notes and essays that offer interestingsidelights to the narrative; literature citations; and an extensiveglossary providing pronunciations, derivations, and definitions ofterms used in the text.
NEW TO THESEVENTEENTH EDITIONRevisions for the seventeenth edition are primarily for improvedpedagogy, and guided by an electronic tabulation of studentresponses to questions. All parts of the sixteenth edition were linkedto electronic questions designed to measure students’ comprehension of their reading. Authors received a heat map of the sixteenthedition, showing for each paragraph the percentage of correct studentresponses for that material. We focused our revisions onimproving explanations wherever the heat map showed less than50% of the students responding correctly. With this detailed andinsightful guidance, we have made our text more accessible to itsreaders.In addition to focused revision of the writing, we have replacedmany photographs and diagrams throughout the book to improveclarity and vibrancy.We summarize our major revisions in order by the book’s fivemajor parts.

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