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JP Gunasegaran Histology 2nd Edition PDF

JP Gunasegaran Histology 2nd Edition
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JP Gunasegaran Histology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

I am extremely thankful to my colleagues and students for their valuable suggestions and also drawing my attention towardsminor errors and omissions in the fi rst edition of my book, “Textbook of Histology and a Practical Guide” released in 2007.I am very happy to state that I have tried to incorporate almost all of them as detailed below, without changing the simple,concise and friendly format of the book.
1. Minor errors and omissions have appropriately been amended where ever applicable throughout the book.
2. A brief account on principles of various types of microscopes has been included in the first chapter dealing withhistological techniques.
3. Salient features of biological phenomena of the cell is added in the second chapter devoted to epithelial tissue.
4. Characteristics of oral mucosa have been included under Oral Cavity in Chapter 12, detailing digestive system.
5. All photomicrographs have been enlarged for better visualization of labelling inside them besides replacing around 50old ones with new higher resolution digital pictures.

In addition, legends and all illustrations have been aligned side byside for easy and ready comprehension by the students. Similarly the H&E diagrams have also been enlarged.I sincerely hope to receive the same kind of support for this revised edition, which is being released within a short span ofthree years.At this juncture I wish to thank the staff of Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd., especially Dr. Binny Mathur (Managing Editor)for shouldering the responsibility of editing the book for the second time and for taking a keen interest in making the book‘the best’.

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