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The knowledge that light is beneficial and may lead to cure does not belong exclusively to our time; Greek and Ancient Egyptian doctors practiced cures by exposure to sunlight. However, it was in the past century that one of the great technological advancements was made: the development of laser appliances for use in fields ranging from CDs and DVDs to performing surgeries and treating diseases. Taking into consideration the scope and importance of the subject, coordinating this book, in which renowned researchers and clinicians who work with lasers in dentistry have participated, has certainly been a great responsibility. With love, belief in our ideals, and enthusiasm, we accepted the challenge. At this time, in seeking knowledge and intellectual preparation to deal with the different situations in which life places us, our major ally has certainly been God. With Him, challenges have been overcome and limits transformed into actions to bring our readers all the latest information concerning the use of lasers and LEDs in dentistry.

There is no longer any doubt that therapies with lasers and LEDs have positive results; nevertheless, there is still no consensus about the best manner of application of these therapies in each clinical situation for optimal results. The incessant search for effective clinical protocols was the starting point for this extensive work, with the aim of opening the clinical professional’s eyes to the various possibilities for the use of this new technology in dentistry. These protocols are not immutable, but they are supported by basic and clinical research. These are protocols that open various doors to other new protocols and clinical applications of lasers and LEDs in the diverse specialties of dentistry. They are protocols designed to enable you to explore this world, in which light interacts with soft and hard oral tissues, bringing benefits to our patients. Explore, question, innovate… We challenge you, the reader, to become part of this work, to make use of the broad body of knowledge that has so honorably been shared with us by our collaborators!

It is an honor to write the foreword for this book that has brought together the most important researchers in the field around the world. Lasers are no longer just a promising therapeutic tool in dentistry; they have become one of the most important advances in dental care. From the chapters in this book, the reader will also realize that the use of lasers in dentistry is a strongly evidence-based science. To write a book is a noble and hard task and the editors have done a very good job. They have picked very special authors for each chapter, each giving personal clinical experience and/or the scientific evidence. The chapters give a broad view of the issues from their basic concepts, to safety management, to clinical applications; from prevention to treatment of several oral pathologies; and of the different lasers available today. The editors are dental school professors who have followed the growth of the use of lasers in dentistry from early in their academic lives. It has been a wonderful experience to follow this process. Patrícia was introduced to the research and clinical use of lasers during her PhD course, whereas Alyne entered the field earlier in her undergraduate course. Both were enchanted with different lasers applications. For Patrícia, a professor of Restorative Dentistry, the high power lasers were the most useful. On the other hand, Alyne has been in love with low power lasers.

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