Medical Biochemistry 2nd Edition PDF

Medical Biochemistry 1st Edition PDF
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I attempted to provide essential information on molecular basis of health and diseasethat is mainly related to life of surviving cell(s) in the first edition of the book. However lifecycle of cell(s) includes cell(s) birth and cell(s) death apart from survival. For the last coupleof years these frontier areas are advancing rapidly which is viewed by many as good signfor development of :(a) new therapy or therapeutics for cancer(b) immortalized cells.The latter fuels growth of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries also. Hence, inthe second edition two chapters—1. Biochemistry of cell cycle (cell birth) 2. Biochemistry ofapoptosis (cell death) are added.As living organisms evolved from simple unicellular to highly complex multicellularmammals, several new systems and organs were developed. For example, blood which actsas vehicle or communication between various locations of body, immune system whichprotects body from intruders or foreign organisms.Parkinsonism, psychosis, depression, Schizophrenia, loss of taste and olfaction are dueto disturbances in nervous, taste and olfactory systems. Various organs present in bodyperform several organ specific functions which are essential for life. If functions of theseorgans are disturbed, diseases in which may culminate in death. So, in this edition biochemistryof blood including immune response in Chapter-32; molecular and cellular mechanism oflearning, memory, behaviour, taste and olfactory in biochemical communications Chapter;tests, procedures that are done in hospital biochemistry laboratory to assess functions ofliver, kidney in Chapter-33 and thyroid in Chapter-29 are detailed.

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