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Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy 6th Edition PDF

Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy 6th Edition PDF
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Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy 6th Edition PDF Free Download

Stressed about the ins and outs of pathophysiology? Gain confidence, with the newly updated Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy ®, 6th Edition .
Offering helpful learning aids that boost your understanding and retention, this colorfully illustrated, enjoyable text offers all the vitals: cell development, the infection process, cancer warning signs, abnormal cell growth, and more. Packed with easy-to-remember definitions and plentiful illustrations, this supportive guide is the ideal study partner and on-the-job reference for new nurses, students, and all healthcare practitioners.

Be expertly guided into a solid foundation in pathophysiology, with:
NEW and updated content in a quick-read, bulleted format
End-of-book learning support that includes a “Practice Makes Perfect” practice test
Dozens of colorful diagrams and illustrations that outline core terms and concepts, with easy-to-retain definitions for:
Pathophysiology basics – cellular structure; how cells reproduce, age, and die; adaptive cell changes; the concept of homeostasis and how it affects the body; the causes of disease; and the disease development process
Infection, cancer, and genetics – the body’s defense mechanisms against infection, types of infective microorganisms and how they invade the body, common infectious disease pathophysiology, classifications of cancer, warning signs of cancer, the cancer metastasis process, the role of genes and chromosomes, how cells divide, and genetic abnormalities
Cancer as it affects individual body systems – cardiovascular, respiratory, neurologic, gastrointestinal, endocrine, renal system, hematologic, immune, integumentary, sensory, and reproductive system
Special chapter features include:
Just the facts – a quick summary of content at the start of each chapter
“Nurse Joy and Jake” – expert insights that explain key concepts, provide important care reminders, and offer reassurance
Now I get it – illustrations and flowcharts that explain difficult concepts
Battling illness – the latest treatments for diseases and disorders
The genetic link – connections between genetics and many common disorders
Memory joggers – memory tricks and other aids that help you understand and remember difficult concepts
That’s a wrap – a quick review of chapter content
Quick quiz – multiple-choice questions after each chapter that help you retain knowledge

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