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Pediatric Nutrition 2nd Edition PDF

Pediatric Nutrition 2nd Edition PDF
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Pediatric Nutrition 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

We are pleased to offer the second revised and updated edition of the “Pediatric Nutrition”. This has become possible consequent upon the warm reception accorded to the first edition that was released at the 44th National Conference of the IndianAcademy of Pediatrics (PEDICON 2006) held at the Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, India, consistent demand, changing recommendations in the field and the enthusiasm of the publishers.

On the suggestion from various quarters that the book is not addressed just to those involved in academics but is broad-based with appeal to all sections involved in nutrition of the child, including, clinicians and nutritionists, the prefix “Textbook” has been dropped. Secondly, in order that the book caters to the needs of the average readers, its size has been reduced without significantly affecting the core contents.

Over and above various revisions, new additions include “Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM)”, “Medical Therapeutic Foods”, “New (2006 and 2007) WHO Growth Standards and Charts”, etc. These shall keep the readers abreast of the latest developments. Hopefully, the revised, updated and improved new edition shall receive yet warmer reception from the readers in and outside India. Of course, feedback aimed at further improvement in the contents shall be most welcome to enable us work for a yet better next edition.

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Publication Date: May 12, 2020
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