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Pharmacoepidemiology 6th Edition PDF

Pharmacoepidemiology 6th Edition PDF
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The hottest day of the sum mer so far was draw ing to a close and adrowsy si lence lay over the large, square hous es of Priv et Drive. Cars thatwere usu al ly gleam ing stood dusty in their drives and lawns that were onceemer ald green lay parched and yel low ing -for the use of hosepipes had beenbanned due to drought. De prived of their usu al car- wash ing and lawn- mowingpur suits, the in hab itants of Priv et Drive had re treat ed in to the shade oftheir cool hous es, win dows thrown wide in the hope of tempt ing in a nonexistent breeze. The on ly per son left out doors was a teenage boy who was lyingflat on his back in a flowerbed out side num ber four.He was a skin ny, black- haired, be spec ta cled boy who had the pinched,slight ly un healthy look of some one who has grown a lot in a short space oftime. His jeans were torn and dirty, his T- shirt bag gy and fad ed, and thesoles of his train ers were peel ing away from the up pers. Har ry Pot ter’s appearance did not en dear him to the neigh bors, who were the sort of peo plewho thought scruffi ness ought to be pun ish able by law, but as he had hid denhim self be hind a large hy drangea bush this evening he was quite in vis ible topassers- by. In fact, the on ly way he would be spot ted was if his Un cle Vernonor Aunt Petu nia stuck their heads out of the liv ing- room win dow andlooked straight down in to the flowerbed be low.On the whole, Har ry thought he was to be con grat ulat ed on his idea ofhid ing here. He was not, per haps, very com fort able ly ing on the hot, hardearth but, on the oth er hand, no body was glar ing at him, grind ing their teethso loud ly that he could not hear the news, or shoot ing nasty ques tions athim, as had hap pened ev ery time he had tried sit ting down in the liv ingroom to watch tele vi sion with his aunt and un cle.

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