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Platelets 4th Edition PDF

Platelets 4th Edition PDF
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Platelets, Fourth Edition, integrates the entire field of platelet biology, pathophysiology, and clinical medicine with contributions from 142 world experts from 18 countries. This award-winning reference provides clear presentations by basic scientists on the cellular, molecular, and genetic mechanisms of platelets and the role of platelets in thrombosis, hemorrhage, inflammation, antimicrobial host defense, wound healing, angiogenesis and cancer. It also provides start-of-the-art presentations by hematologists, cardiologists, stroke physicians, blood bankers, pathologists and other clinicians on platelet function testing, disorders of platelet numbers and function, antiplatelet therapy and therapy to increase platelet numbers and/or function.

Since the publication of the Third Edition of Platelets, there has been a rapid expansion of knowledge in both basic biology of platelets and the clinical approach to platelet-related diseases. This Fourth Edition of Platelets draws all this information into a single, comprehensive and authoritative resource.

Comprehensive and definitive source of state-of-the-art knowledge about platelets
Integrates the entire field of platelet biology, pathophysiology, and clinical medicine
Written for clinicians, pathologists and scientists by 142 world-renowned experts from 18 countries
Completely revised and updated, with 11 new chapters on topics such as platelet glycobiology, the platelet transcriptome, platelet inhibitory receptors, platelet function testing in clinical research trials, therapeutic platelet-rich plasma in wound healing, and new antiplatelet drugs
Full color textbook with over 250 illustrations and 15,000 references

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Publication date : March 7, 2019
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