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Principles of Neurosurgery 2nd Edition PDF

Principles of Neurosurgery 2nd Edition PDF
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Principles of Neurosurgery 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

This new edition provides a broad overview of neurosurgery to house officers in the clinical neurosciences. The chapters cover all core areas within neurosurgery and the coverage is comprehensive without being encyclopedic. Numerous colour illustrations including tables, algorithms, photographs and flow charts elucidate the text.
Covers pre- and post- operative patient care · neuroradiology · pediatric neurosurgery · neurovascular surgery · trauma surgery · spine surgery · oncology · pituitary adenomas · cranial base neurosurgery · image-guided neurosurgery · treatment of pain · epilepsy surgery · and much more.
Delivers over 1,220 outstanding illustrations―610 in full color―including many superb clinical and operative photographs, surgical line drawings, and at-a-glance tables.
Describes all of the latest neuroimaging techniques.
Presents the newest developments in minimally invasive surgery.
Provides sweeping updates in its coverage of epilepsy surgery.
Delivers greatly expanded coverage of pediatric neurosurgery.
Offers a thoroughly revised artwork program, including more than 350 brand-new full-color surgical line drawings.
New imaging techniques
New developments in minimally invasive surgical techniques
Complete overhaul of surgery for epilepsy section
Thoroughly revised artwork program
Extra coverage of pediatric neurosurgery

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