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Renal Disease in Cancer Patients 1st Edition PDF

Renal Disease in Cancer Patients 1st Edition PDF
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Renal Disease in Cancer Patients 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Renal Disease in Cancer Patients is a translational reference detailing the nephrological problems unique to patients with cancer in an organized and authoritative fashion. This book provides a common language for nephrologists, oncologists, hematologists, and other clinicians who treat cancer patients, to discuss the development of renal diseases in the context of cancer and options for their optimum diagnosis, management, and treatment.

With the advent of better supportive care and the era of personalized medicine, patients with cancer are living longer, and oncologists and nephrologists now recognize the serious consequences of renal disease among these patients. Designed especially with this new need in mind, Renal Disease in Cancer Patients presents the various renal diseases affecting cancer patients in a single, authoritative volume. The book covers topics in radiation nephritis, obstructive nephropathy, drug nephropathy, graft-versus-host disease, and more.

Covers clinical description, diagnostics, management, and treatment throughout along with genetics, animal models, and pathology in specific chapters
Summarizes all renal diseases unique to cancer patients in a single reference
Provides a resource for oncologists and nephrologists, as well as general internal and family medicine practitioners, and physicians in training

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Publication date : September 2, 2013
Language : English
Print length : 678 pages
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