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Surgery Essence 8th Edition PDF

Surgery Essence 8th Edition PDF
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Surgery Essence 8th Edition PDF Free Download

The 8th edition of Surgery Essence is replete with new trends in the field of surgery and recent advances. In most of the PG entrance exams, lots of image-based questions are being asked, especially in AIIMS and NEET. To provide to an edge, image-based questions are given in the beginning. Triads, signs, investigation of choices and topics based on “most common” type of questions are included in the annexures to save your precious time and to help you in revision at the most crucial hours. Synopsis of the chapter is given in the beginning to develop concepts about the topics. The recent questions and their concepts are highlighted and have been written in the way that will help the students to remember and reproduce them in the examination hall. The information provided is cogent but concise to save the precious time, as we all know the clock is ticking.

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Сategories: Medicine|Surgery
Publication date : November 30, 2019
Language : English
Print length : 1232 pages
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