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The ECG: A Two-Step Approach to Diagnosis PDF

The ECG: A Two-Step Approach to Diagnosis PDF
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The ECG: A Two-Step Approach to Diagnosis PDF Free Download

Professor Gertsch covers both clinically relevant ECGs and very interesting rarer cases of the normal and the exercise ECG, making this work extremely comprehensive – it represents the culmination of a lifetime of involvement with invasive and non-invasive cardiology by one of Switzerland’s leading cardiologists. Numerous ECGs and two-color drawings illustrate the text, which is also brought closer to the reader by means of over fifty case reports.

Ease of reference is facilitated by the division of the text into separate sections: “At a Glance” for readers who want quick information, and “The Full Picture” for readers wishing to go into exhaustive detail.

This practical guide to all types of ECG is unique in both its comprehensiveness and its accessibility. The author, one of the world’s most experienced ECG specialists, has provided a two-step approach which will be of value to the time-strapped practitioner and the ambitious student alike. Each chapter is divided into a section “At a Glance” for quick reference and “The Full Picture” for a thorough study of the topic.

Common ECGs and rarer types are included and illustrated by more than five hundred ECG strips and over fifty case reports, or “short stories”.

From the foreword by Professor Christopher Cannon:

Professor Gertsch has compiled a wonderful book that covers all aspects of electrocardiography but with a very practical and clinically useful approach. In reading this book I have been struck by its very straightforward layout and setup of each chapter … I feel this book will be a welcome addition to the medical literature and should be very useful to cardiologists, electrophysiologists, internists, primary care physicians, nurses, medical residents, exercise physiologists and technicians, and all other health-care professionals caring for cardiac patients.

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The ECG: A Two-Step Approach to Diagnosis PDF Free
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