The Harvard Business Review Manager’s Handbook PDF

The Harvard Business Review Manager’s Handbook PDF
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The Harvard Business Review Manager’s Handbook PDF Free Download

You’ve likely become a manager because you were successful as an individual contributor. You did good work and got it done on time, and developed technical and professional skills that allowed you to excel. Now you’ve been asked to play a larger role. As a manager, you’ll measure success differently—through the achievements of your team rather than your individual accomplishments. This calls for a different skill set. When you become a manager, your technical expertise remains important but no longer defi nes your responsibilities. Your job is to get results through the creativity, expertise, and energy of others.

For example, your sales skills may have gotten you promoted to the rank of district sales manager, but your success as a manager will depend on other capabilities: your ability to gain influence in your organization, to manage the emotional culture of your team, to hire and retain good people, to motivate and develop the potential of each member of your team, to think strategically, to make good decisions, to inspire and enable creativity and innovation, and so much more. Whether you’re new to management or a seasoned veteran, the HBR Manager’s Handbook will help you learn the essential skills that all effective managers must master. This book is for you if you’re ambitious and want to become more effi cient, more effective, more inspiring. You’re already a manager, but perhaps you want to be a leader, too—someone who brings out the best in your employees and drives change within your company. The HBR Manager’s Handbook will show you how.

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Сategories: Business-Economics
Year: 2017
Language: english
Pages: 336 / 352
ISBN 10: 1633691241
ISBN 13: 9781633691247
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