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The Survival Handbook New Edition

The Survival Handbook New Edition
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The Survival Handbook New Edition

Survive anything life throws at you with the ultimate visual guide to camping, wilderness, and outdoor survival skills.

Written by Colin Towell, an ex-SAS Combat Survival Instructor, The Survival Handbook is bursting with survival tips, manual skills, camping essentials, and advice on how to survive whatever the great outdoors throws at you.

Combining proven, no-nonsense military survival skills with ingenious bushcraft techniques, specially commissioned illustrations and accessible step-by-step instructions show you how to survive in the wild. Learn how to read a map, how to light a fire, how to build a raft, and everything you need to know about wild foods and natural dangers.

Revel in inspirational real-life survival stories and be prepared for every outdoor situation. From survival basics, such as finding water and catching fish, to extreme situations including being adrift at sea or lost in the jungle, The Survival Handbook will steer you through life’s toughest adventures in the world’s harshest climates.

Whether you are preparing for a camping trip, or going farther afield, The Survival Handbook is a perfect guide to the great

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ISBN: 0744021812
Сategory: Craft, Hobbies | Dictionary, Reference | Sports
Date: March 24th, 2020
Number of pages: 320 pages
Language: English
Format: PDF
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About the Authors
Colin Towell joined the Royal Navy in 1977, qualifying as a Combat Survival Instructor with 22 Regiment SAS. As well as seeing active service, he has spent over 30 years teaching land, sea, desert, jungle, and cold-weather survival skills to UK Army, Navy, Royal Marines, and Air Force personnel. Colin also provided survival support for Sir Richard Branson’s balloon global circumnavigation attempts. His most recent book is DK’s 9+ publication Survival for Beginners.
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