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Vitamins and Minerals PDF

Vitamins and Minerals PDF
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Insightful, objective, and evidence-based, this overview of the most commonly used supplements dispels misinformation and provides facts from a qualified physician’s point of view.

An endless array of vitamin and mineral supplements are available to health-conscious consumers today, and an increasing number of individuals have incorporated these supplements into their daily routines. Unfortunately, their use is often inspired by rumor rather than sound medical advice. The results of clinical research on these supplements’ effectiveness are often inconclusive while some studies have even shown negative health effects from overuse. Instead of relying on media hype and often-conflicting “word-of-mouth” information, people who take nutritional supplements need an authoritative, evidence-based reference text about self-medication with vitamins and minerals. Dr. Zina Kroner has provided exactly that.

Vitamins and Minerals is an eye-opening guide that separates truth from myth about dozens of today’s common and popular supplements. It covers the effects of the deficiency of each nutrient, its primary uses, dosages, food sources, potential side effects, and mechanism of action, helping readers make informed decisions about use of these under-regulated, over-the-counter “nutraceuticals.”

Provides coverage of 39 different supplements, including vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and coenzyme Q10
Supplies a thorough and evidence-based examination of the facts and fiction behind supplements
Includes a bibliography containing over 1,000 medical references

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